If you've used the Internet recently (and I know you have), you will have seen articles like "7 Shipping Container Homes that will Blow Your Freaking Mind" or "You'll Never Guess What's Inside This Shipping Container" (Spoiler: It's an adorable, pint-sized house).

Yep. Shipping Container Houses are all the rage on the Internet. And for good reason. With a bit of skill, a shipping container can be transformed into a beautiful, low-cost, environmentally friendly home.

I say a bit of skill because, despite what some advocates (read: marketers) would have you believe, building a container home isn't much easier than building a traditional house. In some ways it's even harder!

But don't worry. Lunchbox Architect has developed a thorough -- some would say 'Ultimate' -- guide to give you the skills to tackle your shipping container project with confidence. And avoid the potential pitfalls.

Or, check out some of the Shipping Container Homes we've featured on Lunchbox Architect to see what's possible: