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Collection Lunchbox Architect on Instagram Take a closer look at the stunning homes we feature on our Instagram feed...
Collection House Plans Find a range of house plans for your inspiration. From one bedroom houses to larger family homes, you're sure to find the house plans you need here.
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Collection Urban Homes Urban homes come with a lot of constraints. Tight sites, neighboring houses, heritage controls and planning regulations affect how urban homes are designed. Obviously constraints breed innovation because architecturally designed urban homes are some of the most innovative and interesting houses around. At Lunchbox Architect we pride ourselves on sourcing the best examples of small urban homes. We argue that homes don't have to be huge to great. In fact, small urban homes are easier to maintain, cheaper to run and, when designed right, a joy to live in.
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Collection Black Houses And they say black is slimming? It works for houses too. Black helps to disguise all those lumps and bumps (gutters, posts and architraves) to give your home a sleek silhouette. Like a sexy black dress, these black houses are sure to get your pulse racing…
Collection Exterior The exterior of the home is the first thing you see. Increase your street appeal with this collection of inspiring home exteriors.
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Collection Concrete Houses Concrete can be many things, massive, sculptural, raw. It's a beautiful material to use for houses and can bring great thermal mass and raw beauty to a home.
Collection Zinc Zinc is a hardwearing cladding or roofing material which gets better with age. Available in a range of muted, natural colours.
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Collection Outdoor Areas The best spaces often aren't indoors at all. Very often, the architecture of a home is enhanced by the outdoor spaces that surround it. The relationship between indoors and outdoors is particularly important. We see homes that embrace the outdoors, allowing the indoors to bleed into the outdoors spaces with large windows, sliding glass doors, or, in the tropics, no walls at all! Take a look at some of the best outdoor areas featured on Lunchbox Architect. Check out some of the projects demonstrating Outdoor Areas featured on Lunchbox Architect
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Collection White Kitchens White is a safe and elegant choice for the kitchen. Take a look at all the white kitchens we've featured on Lunchbox Architect...
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Collection Timber Ceilings Few people think to make a statement overhead, but when you do - especially with timber ceilings - the results can be stunning.
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Collection Louvre Windows Louvre windows aren't what they used to be. These days they seal well and look great. Plus they maximise natural ventilation.
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Collection Joinery Joinery can be expensive to build, but the payoffs are huge. Whether it's designed to hide everything away, or to put your favourite items on show, clever joinery can make the most of even the smallest spaces. And the difference between well-made, quality joinery and the stuff you pick up from IKEA speaks for itself in how well it lasts and how long it looks fantastic (good joinery won't peel). Check out some of the Joinery projects featured on Lunchbox Architect for some inspiration for your own project.

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