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Collection Outdoor Areas The best spaces often aren't indoors at all. Very often, the architecture of a home is enhanced by the outdoor spaces that surround it. The relationship between indoors and outdoors is particularly important. We see homes that embrace the outdoors, allowing the indoors to bleed into the outdoors spaces with large windows, sliding glass doors, or, in the tropics, no walls at all! Take a look at some of the best outdoor areas featured on Lunchbox Architect. Check out some of the projects demonstrating Outdoor Areas featured on Lunchbox Architect
Collection Fibreglass Fibreglass is a strong, hardwearing material that is becoming common in houses, often because it can be translucent, letting in light but blocking overlooking.
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Collection Timber Deck Timber decks can provide a practical outdoor space no matter the state of the yard. Get all the timber deck inspiration you need...
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Collection Timber Floors Nothing beats the warmth and natural beauty of timber floors, right? There are so many styles and finishes of timber floors available, you're bound to find the right timber floor for you. It's especially exciting with new products on the market like pre-finished engineered panels which will allow you to achieve the solid timber look and feel without the solid timber expense. So now is the perfect time to achieve the classic look and warming welcome of a quality timber floor.
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Collection Dining Areas Enjoy your meal! Dining areas are where you come to enjoy delicious meals with your family and friends. Lunchbox Architect has plenty of inspiration for your dining area.
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Collection Plywood Plywood is hot right now. It's affordable, versatile and has a wonderful natural warmth. That's right. Our old friend plywood is no longer relegated to the temporary hoarding around building sites or the makeshift desks of impoverished students *looks down at plywood desk disappointedly*. No, plywood has gone internal. Check out some of our plywood-loving homes...
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Collection Plywood Kitchen Plywood kitchens have become very popular - I even designed one for my Mum and Dad. Plywood kitchens feel rich, warm and authentic.
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Collection Rugs Define a certain area of your home with a statement rug. Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, colours and textures, so you're sure to find one to suit your unique style.
Collection House Plans Find a range of house plans for your inspiration. From one bedroom houses to larger family homes, you're sure to find the house plans you need here.
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Collection Toilet Suites Toilet suites come in all shapes and sizes, so it's important to choose a style that matches the look and feel of your bathroom.
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Collection Showers Showers are the place to perform your morning ablutions. From uber simple to breathtaking, the best showers have a view or a skylight.
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Collection Basins Basins are an essential in any bathroom, but there are so many basins to choose from it can be hard to settle. Here are some great basins for your inspiration.

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