Premium Architects

Word of mouth is slow. The Yellow Pages are propping up someone's computer screen.

The internet is where you'll find your next client.

Get your projects and business in front of more eyes with a Lunchbox Architect Premium Membership.

Benefits of going premium:

  • Snag a spot on the Homepage All eyes are on the homepage (well, many of them, anyway). With a Premium Architect account your firm's logo will appear in our featured architects panel on the homepage.
  • Claim your hometown Get the attention of clients in your area. As a Premium Architect, your profile will appear in the sponsored band at the top of your chosen location.
  • Brand Yourself Your logo is a sign of authority and professionalism. Include your logo in the architects directory and in your profile with a Premium membership.
  • Introduce Yourself Let's talk about you for a while. With a Premium membership you get the chance to introduce yourself to prospective clients. You can either provide us with your existing bio, or we can create one for you. This helps to build familiarity and trust - a winning combination for winning your next client.
  • 'Sponsor' Badge Premium architects get the clicks. Make your profile stand out from the crowd with a prominent 'sponsor' badge and a subtle but eye-catching highlight colour.


  • Support the Cause Lunchbox Architect is committed to promoting the work of architects. By becoming a Premium Architect you help to support the cause and help more people understand the benefits of hiring an architect.

How Much Will it Cost?

A spot in the Yellow Pages costs hundreds. That's a lot to spend on a makeshift monitor stand.

Advertising in a newspaper or magazine will set you back some serious dollars. Hundreds, if not thousands. And yet we keep hearing that print media is dead (or, at least slowly suffocating).

Lunchbox Architect has 15,000 monthly readers. Readers who are already interested in architecture and design. And many of them are ready to hire an architect for their new house or renovation (I know because people email me all the time looking for architect recommendations). Now those eyes? Those eyes are valuable.

And yet Premium Membership is just $50/year.

That's less than the price of a (Perth) coffee every month. Now, I would never condone going without coffee. But it's a small investment to help you find your next client.

What happens next?

If you're ready to go premium, click 'Become a Premium Architect' below, enter your credit card details in our secure payment system. We'll send you an automated email and receipt. We'll follow up with a personal email within 24 hours to let you know what we need to set up your premium account. Easy, right?

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